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P. 1                                                                  OCTOBER, 2021                   QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER
                 INSIDE GENESE

              RECENT                                                                               ‘Genese is a partner of


              •  CAPITAL INVESTMENT                                                           choice for organizAtions

              •  CEO ONBOARDED FOR
                 NEPAL OFFICE                                                                            looking to leverage

              •  CTO APPOINTED FOR

                 NEPAL OFFICE                                                                       digital transforMtion

              •  GENESE HEADQUARTER
                 RELOCATED                                                                                       To enhance their

              •  EXPANSION TO NORDIC

              •  AWS ACADEMY                                                                                                        business

                 LAUNCHED IN NEPAL

                                                                                                                                       - Anjani Phuyal
                                                                                                                            Global CTO & Founder, Genese

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           CEO ONBOARDED
           In June, we welcomed our
           new Chief Executive Officer
           for the Nepal Office Mr.
           Prasanna Pokhrel.
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           AWS ACADEMY

           Nepal saw the inauguration
           of cloud computing in the
           curriculum of the formal
           education system for the
           very first time.
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