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P. 2                                                                                                  QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER

                                         Letter from the CEO

                                                                                                liched as it may sound, it is undeniable that change
                                                                                                is the only constant. The fact has been hammered
                                                                                                home even to the strongest status quoists. In an
                                                                                      Cindustry which is growing exponentially and
                                                                                      in multidirectional, multidimensional manner, COVID
                                                                                      situation has altered the paradigm for digitalization and

                                                                                      While  the  traditional  brick and  mortar  model  has  been
                                                                                      irreversibly altered, it continues to  house the remnant
                                                                                      products, processes and structures. IT industry can not
                                                                                      remain aloof to that reality.  Transitioning to an agile,
                                                                                      efficient way of operating and creating location/ structure
                                                                                      agnostic  delivery  models  is  no  longer  a  choice  and  an
                                                                                      initiative, but a force that needs to be harnessed to ensure
                                                                                      survival and growth.

                                                                                      In a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and  Ambiguous)
                                                                                      world and the similar IT ecosystem accelerating at the
                                                                                      fastest rate of change since human history, we Genesians
                                                                                      have challenges in scaling up, creating efficiencies and in
                                                                                      creating delivery apparatus which not only matches the
                                                                                      environment, but intelligently navigates the opportunities
                                                                                      and rides the wave of change to create a meaningful future.

                                                                                      Our challenge therefore, is to remain agile, de-construct
                                                                                      structures which no longer fit, recompose them with the
                                                                                      future centric designs which enable our systems, processes,
                                                                                      values & DNAs to navigate to the  new, exciting reality.  Only
                                                                                      then will we be able to bring  about the promised digital
                                                                                      transformation to our customers.

                                                                                      We must therefore live the spirit of our tagline-
                                                                                      Transforming tech for tomorrow, Today!!!!

                                                                                      In this spirit, here’s to the first version of our newsletter,
                                                                                      with the promise to constantly evolving to make it more
                                                                                      and more engaging as the time comes…

                                                                                      Cheers to the festive season and what is more, to the festive
                                                                                      spirit in all of the Genesians, no matter what the season…

                                                                                      Prasanna Pokhrel
                                                                                      Chief Executive Officer

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