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P. 3                                                                                                  QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER

                                                            CAPITAL INVESTMENT

                                                            June 2021

                                                            We successfully secured an NPR 55 million  The Nepalese business ecosystem is on a growth
                                                            (USD 470,000) investment from Business  path & the capital investment will be key in
                                                            Oxygen Pvt. Ltd. for our Nepal operations.          Genese’s aim to be a premier institution in the
                                                                                                                IT/ITES ecosystem in Nepal and International
                                                            Business Oxygen Private Limited (BO2)  Markets.  This  investment  will  be  used  to
                                                            is  Nepal’s  first  private  equity  fund  which  introduce ‘Hybrid Cloud’ in Nepal and towards
                                                            is  a  part  of  the  IFC’s  Global  SME  Ventures  the  expansion  of  Genèse’s  product  /service
        Recent                                              initiative with  investments  from the  IFC  of  portfolio as well as to accelerate automation &
                                                            the  World Bank Group, Climate Investment  other strategic initiatives including investing
        Developments                                        Funds (PPCR), and UK Aid.                           in its human capital and skillsets.

        Genese has achieved                                 CEO ONBOARDED FOR NEPAL                             His vision is to take Genese processes to the

        significant developments                            OFFICE                                              standard of global ICT enterprises.

        in the previous 6 months                            June 2021                                           CTO APPOINTED FOR NEPAL

        to propel our journey in the                        In June, we welcomed our new Chief                  OFFICE
                                                                                                                September 2021
                                                            Executive Officer for the Nepal Office Mr.
        industry.                                           Prasanna Pokhrel.                                   In the month of September, Genese

                                                            Onboarding  Mr.  Pokhrel  was  a  part  of  the  welcomed Dr. Pawan Kumar Sharma as the
                                                            strategic roadmap to take Genese to new heights  Chief Technology Officer at our Nepal Office.

                                                                  in Nepal & as well as the international
                                                                    market. Mr. Pokhrel is an accomplished  With the addition of Dr. Pawan as our new
                                                                     leader  in  the  corporate  field,  a  six  CTO, our team has gained immense technical
                                                                      sigma black belt & lean practitioner,  and management experience to help us on our
                                                                       has over two decades of experience  strategic trajectory. Dr. Sharma brings with
                                                                      in the IT/ITES sector across multiple  him  25-plus    years  of  ICT  and  Management
                                                                     verticals in global players such as  experience.           His    field   of   ICT
                                                                             IBM & EXL as well as leading  experience includes Application
                                                                                   Vianet’s meteoric growth  Development,           Banking      &
                                                                                     as a CEO in Nepal.         Financial Institution, Cloud,
                                                                                                                Machine        Learning,      and
                                                                                        He has a strong  Qualitative/Quantitative
                                                                                         track   record     of  Analysis. He is also an expert
                                                                                         or ga nizational  in         Cybersecurity,     FinTech,
                                                                                          t u r n a r o u n d ,  Teambuilding       and     loves
                                                                                           o per ational  problem-solving.
                                                                                            ex ce llence ,
                                                                                            process        re-  Dr.  Sharma  has  a
                                                                                          engineering, and  Ph.D. from Singhania
                                                                                          rapid      scale-up   University and MBA
                                                                                           deploying lean, six  S pecialization
                                                                                           sigma,  and  agile  in  System  from
                                                                                           interventions.       Sikkim     Manipal
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