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P. 4                                                                                                  QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER

        University.                                         seventh global office in Helsinki for the Nordic
                                                            Region as “ GS Nordic Oy ”.
        Dr. Sharma is Agora Speakers’ Ambassador
        for  Nepal and  also  Founder  President  of  Our move into the Nordic region has been
        Lalitpur Speakers Club and Founder Member  fueled by the region’s drive towards digital
        of Kathmandu Speakers Club. Besides working  transformation. Genese will be focusing on
        with various government agencies of Nepal,  our digital transformation services, resource
        he also worked as Chairman and Consultant  outsourcing & end-to-end product engineering
        at  Three  Monks  Pvt.  Ltd.  and  Young  Minds  for the Nordic region.
        Creation Pvt. Ltd.
                                                            Our office in the region will be led by Mr. Lars
        GENESE HEADQUARTER                                  Nevalainen  as  the  Chief  Executive  Officer

        RELOCATED                                           whereas Miss Laura Karppanen will serve as
                                                            the Chief Marketing Officer.
        June 2021
                                                            Lars is the founder and chairman of Finnish
                                                            FinTech and SaaS company ZenTreasury.He
                                                            has deep experience across both Finland’s
                                                            startup community and Corporations  helping
                                                            businesses  achieve  digital  transformation
                                                            adopting intelligent financial and data analytics

                                                            Laura  is  a  Marketing  &  Media  professional
                                                            with over a decade of experience. She has
                                                            an accomplished track record of leading the
                                                            outreach via employing a 360-degree approach
                                                            to communication.

                                                            AWS ACADEMY LAUNCHED

                                                            IN NEPAL
        The Genese head office in the UK has relocated      July 2021
        from London to a premier business location
        --  Plymouth  Science  Park.  Plymouth  Science     In July, Nepal saw the inauguration of cloud
        Park is a world-class center of excellence          computing  in the  curriculum  of the  formal
        for ground-breaking research, business &            education system for the very first time.
        laboratory innovation. It’s a vibrant and thriving
        community of innovators, with a global reach,       We facilitated the enablement and launch of
        it  is home to  international  businesses,  start-  AWS Academy at the Institue of Engineering,
        ups, and academics and a hub for inspirational      Pulchowk      Campus      with   support     from
        tech advancements.
                                                            Tribhuwan University & UKaid SEP. With this,
                                                            AWS Cloud computing modules are available
        The move to Plymouth Science Park will              as  electives  to  Masters  level  students  at  the
        enable us to develop connections with other         institution.
        businesses in the region, supporting our
        company’s ambitious growth plans.
                                                            This step will help largely in the growth of
                                                            the Nepalese ICT industry and we’re aiming
        EXPANSION TO NORDIC                                 to leverage this to introduce cloud computing

        July 2021                                           modules at other levels at other institutions as

        In  July,  the  number  of  Genese’  global  offices
        went from 6 to 7 with the announcement of
        our expansion to Finland. We have opened our
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