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P. 5                                                                                                  QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER

        “Genese is a partner                                constantly  crave growth  while  enjoying and  pools of opportunities for Nepalese talents.
                                                            delivering our responsibilities with customer
        of choice for                                       service excellence.                                 What are you expecting from the Nepalese
                                                                                                                market in the next couple of years, what does
        organizations looking                               Our team does not only focus on getting clients  Genese hope to achieve?
                                                            and delivering solutions but in delivering
        to leverage digital                                 solutions that provide the best possible  “Think Globally, Act Locally” this phrase
                                                            outcome along with establishing a deep secure  represents us. We’re a global company working
        transformation to                                   relationship with those who put their trust in  in both Nepal and abroad but our core lies in

                                                            us.                                                 Nepal. Genese itself started in Nepal.
        enhance their

                                                                                                                The Nepalese market is important for us and
        business outcomes.”                                 The Covid-19 has disrupted many businesses  not just in relation to the emotional aspect but

                                                            around the world while tech companies have  also from an economic perspective. Nepal is
                   NJANI PHUYAL    is  a  proficient  been  quick  to  turn  it  into  an  opportunity.  a growing economy that is taking baby steps
                   business and tech leader. He is the  What has been the Genese experience?                    towards digitization, we aim to support the
                   Global CTO of Genese, the Founder                                                            Nepalese market in its digital growth journey.
        Aof  Girls  In  Tech-Nepal  Chapter,  Yes, the pandemic quickly hit all the sectors
        South Asia Lead of Women in Big Data, APN  initially, disrupting the forward movement of  Our aim is to not just increase clientele in
        Ambassador,  Microsoft  Certified Trainer,  and  the whole world. A lot of industries went to the  Nepal but also support the development of the
        also a passionate Academic Facilitator. Before  brink of collapse but as the world got a bit of  ICT sector in Nepal. Nepal has a high potential
        founding Genese, he worked as an Information  time to adjust, the IT industry revealed itself in  to become a top tech outsource destination
        Security  Manager  at  Capital  One  Bank  UK,  the challenge.                                          so we want to leave our footprint in this. Our

        Senior DevOps Engineer at Rackspace, and                                                                              educational initiative GCA has
        Digital  Transformation Consultant for UNDP.  The Pandemic quickly showed the whole                                       already trained 6,000+ youths
        Anjani  is  a  postgraduate  in  MSc.  Computer  world that digital is the key. The Digital                                 across Nepal in the cloud
        & Network Security with Distinction from  tech enablement companies like us got                                             & ICT sector and we will
        Middlesex  University.  Here,  he  articulately  a boost as lots of companies now come                                       continue to do so.
        shares the story and vision of Genese with the  searching for their needed solutions on
        readers of the Genese Digest.                       their own.

        How would you like to describe Genese as a  We were also able to leverage Zoom
        company? What is the identity of Genese?            right from the start after being the first
                                                            authorized Zoom partner for Nepal, Sri
        I  would  like  to  define  Genese  as  a  modern  Lanka & Bhutan. Partnership with Zoom
        digital technology service company. We enable  also helped us establish key connections
        the transformation to a digital landscape for  in the Nepalese, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh
        our clients, from traditional IT systems to  markets.
        modern, secure, fast, and better infrastructure
        and tools. In a simple sense, Genese is the  Genese  seems to be moving on a growth
        modern partner for companies wanting to go  trajectory  internationally  as  well.  You
        and leverage their digital capabilities.            have recently expanded operations
                                                            in  Finland.  What  type  of  services  is
        Genese started as a small software development  Genese going to focus on in these
        company, we did outsourcing projects with our  competitive markets? And what are
        clients abroad & that was all. Now we’re more  your next plans globally?
        than  just  a  software  development  company.
        From  improving  existing  systems  to  creating  Our International movements are a
        new systems from scratch, leveraging digital  big part of our growth strategy. Nepal
        marketing  tools  to  improve  brand  outreach,  being a developing economy does not
        software tools to ease business processes, we’re  have lots of large global corporations
        covering it all.                                    located here but what we do have here
                                                            is resources --  resources in terms of
        Genese has been on a very progressive growth  IT  manpower.  Nepal  is  rapidly  rising
        scale in the past 2-3 years.  How has that been  into one of the best tech outsource
        possible?                                           destinations for companies around the
        The progress that Genese has made has been
        immense in the last couple of years but it has  In our global expansions, we’re strongly
        been coming for a long time. It is the result of  aiming to focus on our strength for
        the hard work of our team, our Genese family.  resource outsourcing in Cloud, AI,
        Our whole team is our strength at Genese and  IT  Management  and  Development
        they have shaped the recent success  and the  solutions. We already have a vast array
        success that is yet to come for us. Our teams  of clients across Europe & Asia for
        are young but are far ahead in organizational  outsourcing solutions and we aim to
        maturity and work ownership. Our teams  exponentially grow here by opening
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