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P. 7                                                                                                  QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER

                                                                                      “Genese has been in the                trillion  in  April.  For  the quarter

                                                                                      forefront to introduce and             ending April 30, 2020, Zoom
                                                                                                                             reported total revenue of $328.2
                                                                                      promote Zoom in Nepal, Sri  million, a 169 percent increase
                                                                                      Lanka  and  Bhutan  during             from the same period last year,”
                                                                                                                             the magazine reported.
                                                                                      the Covid pandemic.”

                                                                                                                             “We were already promoting
                                                                                      “The  fourth  quarter  marked  a       Microsoft  Team  and  G-suite  of
                                                                                      strong finish to an unprecedented      Google and zoom was icing on
                                                                                      year for Zoom,” Eric Yuan, CEO of      the  cake  for  us,”  said  Prasanna
                                                                                      Zoom, said. “As the world emerges      Pokhrel, CEO of Genese Solution.
                                                                                      from the pandemic, our work has
                                                                                      only begun.”                           “As an authorized re-seller, we are
               ondon/Kathmandu              -  Bhatta, Director of Travel Consol,                                            in a very good place in Nepal. From
               Shyalpa Tenzin  Rinpoche  a leading travel company based in            “Zoom took over the world,”            central bank to the stock market
        Lis a Buddhist meditation  London.                                            reported Wired, a Tech magazine.       (NEPSE),      from     international
        teacher with disciples all over the                                           “In April, Zoom peaked at over 300     agencies to schools and colleges,
        world. He used to travel around        HISTORY OF ZOOM                        million daily meeting participants     we are providing the most-trusted
        the world to raise funds for his                                              –  up  from  ten  million  in          zoom service and back-up support.
        dream project – the construction       Originally founded in 2011, a beta     December 2019.Its measurement          We are also in a good place in Sri
        of a Global Peace Sanctuary in         version of Zoom, which could           of “annualized meeting minutes”        Lanka and Bhutan.  We are glad
        Lumbini- the birthplace of Lord        host conferences with up to 15         jumped 20-fold, from 100 billion       that they trusted us as a partner,”
        Buddha – in west Nepal.
                                               video participants, was launched       at the end of January to over two      he added.
                                               in August 2012. In January 2013,
        “Due to the Covid, my all              version  1.0  of  the  program  was
        international travels just stopped.    released with an increase in
        But I have been communicating          the number of participants per
        with my friends and disciples          conference to 25.
        thanks to Zoom,” said Rinpoche.
        “I even speak on Clubhouse,” he        During the Covid-19 pandemic,
                                               people started using zoom for
                                               remote work, distance education,
        Not only for a monk-like Shyalpa       and also making online social
        Tenzin Rinpoche, businesspersons       relations. The increase led to Zoom
        too are a great votary of the zoom     being the 5th most downloaded
                                               mobile app worldwide in 2020 at
                                               477 million downloads.
        “I have been using zoom since
        the  first  lockdown.  Initially,  we   Acc. to the BBC, firm’s sales in the
        started with online yoga classes       last three months of 2020 were up
        followed by an ad hoc business         370% compared to the same period
        meeting. I have been using this        in 2019, hitting $882.5m.
        almost every day now,” said Biraj

            Work From Home Diary

            My  work-from-home  experience  has  been  really  good  except  for  On the flip side, working from home also has exhausted me on
            some days.                                                                some days, being just by myself and my laptop without human
                                                                                      touch and feel. But in that case, I
            When  the  lockdown  first  started,  I  honestly  didn’t  think  I  as  an  go out, catch up on a good coffee
            individual and ‘us’ as a company could be productive & profitable in  meeting or lunch with my team
            a virtual setting for long, but I’ve been proven wrong big time!          or friends and work from there,
                                                                                      because the beauty is that we can
            Working from home really saved my time & energy which I rather  work from anywhere.
            utilized  at  work. The  unnecessary  commute  traffic  used  to  drain
            me, leading to compromised productivity, which was rather saved  I think it would be best if offices
            and helped amplify my work productivity. it seemed tough at first  just opened once or twice a week
            because nothing beats a physical connection and collaboration with  for that quintessential connection
            the team, but with tools like Zoom & Google workspace, we started  & collaboration and on other days,
            team conferencing and real-time collaboration, which has proved to  employees like me would be best                               Snigdha Baral
            be very beneficial.                                                       utilized working from home.                      Zoom Sales Manager

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