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P. 9                                                                                                  QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER

             Celebrations with

             The Team

             Recently  we  did  a  meet  and  greet  pre-Dashain
             celebration with a large chunk of the Genese
             Nepal Team. It was just a casual meetup solely for
             celebration purposes, we didn’t focus on a formal
             agenda  and  just  let  the  flow  go  with  our  team
             members themselves making it lively & lovely here
             and there.
                                                                                                                                         Mr.Prasanna Pokhrel,
                                                                                                                                         CEO of Genese giving
             To be honest we’ve heard so many positive reviews                                                                           the opening speech
             about the event and even directly seen people                                                                               during Dashain
             pumped up and excited about working after it. From                                                                          welcome party
             dancing to singing to games and other interactive
             activities, we did it all. It felt like a much-needed space after a long time of working and
             communicating with our teams from only behind a laptop. It became a point of interaction
             among our various teams who had been working together for quite long periods of time but
             hadn’t met in person priorly.

             The  celebration  meet  definitely  has  done  some
             wonders for our team, with festivities around
             the corner it also became a touchpoint for our
             organization and members to connect with each
             other to celebrate the festivities.

             Happy Festivities!
             Editorial Team

                                                Ms.Rojvin Pradhan,                                                   Our host for the day
                                            HR Manager giving first                                                  Ms.Susmita Poudel
                                                 prize to the winner

                  Ms.Anita & Ms.Snigdha           Who got the SWAG!!                                  Ek wefie to BANTA HAI!!!!

               GROUP PHOTO - Squeeze in people...                                                                         GCA team photo for celebration day

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